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First Line Treatment for Idiopathic skin conditions. In the treatment of uncomplicated, idiopathic dermatological conditions, first do no harm. New Dermikelp Cream is that logical first step. This non-steroidal topical preparation contains CEM-K, a proprietary extract of Ecklonia maxima kelp, shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. New Dermikelp Cream contains no hydrocortisone, thereby minimising the chance of unwanted side-effects. Comparative tests indicated that Dermikelp Cream showed similar efficacy to that achieved with hydrocortisone and prednicarbate in the treatment of erythema5. Best of all, new Dermikelp Cream can be used indefinitely.



  • 100% Natural Active Ingredient- CEM-K (Patented Active Ingredient)
  • Proprietary extract of Kelp (Ecklonia maxima).
  • Sustainably harvested & locally manufactured.
  • Microbiologically tested.
  • Free from harmful heavy metals.
  • Steroid Free – No Cortisone
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Insult Patch Test conducted by Dermatologists in the European Union.
  • Dermikelp Topical Cream found to be non-irritant.
  • Safe for all ages, all skin types.
  • Full Test Results available on request.